Thursday, February 2, 2012

Les Miles Is An Asshole

UPDATED: Added link to ESPN video.

A couple of years back, Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy called out the media for an article written about one of his players. The article was scathing and highly critical of a college athlete, which was not something Gundy was going to take lightly. If you are somehow not one of the millions of people who viewed it on YouTube or ESPN, you can view it here.

Not Les Miles... Not an asshole.

The line that has gone viral is now infamous:
"Where are we at in society today?
Come after me! I'm a man! I'm 40!"
The key point of his rant is a simple one at it's core... You dont attack a college kid. It really shouldnt be too hard to comprehend. Even reporters that are known for having questionable morals and/or standards generally follow this simple concept.

So what does this have to do with LSU Head Coach Les Miles... and why he is an asshole?

Les Miles has radically different views than Mike Gundy when it comes to verbally assaulting youngsters. The following is a direct quote from Coach Miles about a student athlete..
"There was a young man in Indiana that thought about coming to the bayou state. He did not necessarily have the chest and the ability to lead a program, so you know."
You can view the video here.

The student athlete in question is a high school player named Gunner Kiel. Kiel is a highly touted Quarterback prospect that chose to attend Notre Dame after verbally committing to LSU. Kiel was faced with a problem that many college bound kids face. Stay close to home or leave the only support you've ever know hundreds of miles behind you.

Kiel chose to stay close to his parents. Miles took that as an invitation to call out a kid who hasnt even been to his prom yet. Here is a grown man mocking and insulting a teenager because he didnt come and play for him. Perhaps Miles thought if he acted like a scorned teenager then people might forget that he is an adult attacking a child?

Vincent Naimoli, right, owner of the Tampa Bay...
Les Miles - Probably thinking of insults to yell out the
window as he drives past a grade school.

On what level is this acceptable? Is any more explanation needed to explain the title of this post? Mike Gundy couldnt have said it better: Where at we at in society today?

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