Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Welcome To My Introduction (Updated)

Sherlock Holmes
Updated: This blog was originally started on Tumblr. However the desire for a more full featured blogging platform required the move here to Blogger. My apologies for any double posting annoyingness.
After many years of planning on doing it, and several failed attempts, I have decided that starting today, on my 30th birthday (shameless plug), I am going to be writing and maintaining my own blog. Now that the eye rolling is done, we can begin…
I present to you… Slightly Less Than Great.

The name comes from what is essentially my own view of myself. It isn’t meant to be arrogant, even if it does sound that way. I just have a decently high (though very realistic) opinion of myself. I don’t think I quite hit “Great”, but I am confident that I am above “Better Than Good” and so I think “Slightly Less Than Great” is rather fitting.
The tagline is also very representative of who I am. Some of you may recognize it as a line from the recent Robert Downey Jr. portrayal of “Sherlock Holmes”. I believe firmly in it’s meaning. You cannot (or at least, should not) move forward with something unless you have the required information…
Research - Learn - Discover - Question - Read
I will try my best to avoid whiny topics as much as possible, and only present hopefully interesting content. That is really all I ever aspired to be.. interesting. Ideally the topics I bring you will be thought provoking and entertaining. The topics will cover a wide range, so I don’t expect people to like it all, I just hope that I can provide a little info and knowledge to anyone I can.
I suppose we’ll see how I do with that.
Expect to find lots of links to other articles/blogs as that is my main resource for information, of which I will add my own commentary… you know pretty standard fare.
You will also find several pages on here that contain helpful info.
  • About Me: This redirects to a separate page that is essentially an online portfolio/living snapshot. You can find virtually my entire online presence here.
  • Projects: This is where I will list and describe some of my (almost always unfinished) projects. ADD is a bitch!
  • What I Use: This is where I will explain all the various web-tools, apps and sites that I use. I will almost certainly also include real life products as well… How else can I spread love for my food steamer and not seem weird?
Well, that should about cover everything I want to in this introductory post.. At least anything I remember. You know how it is.

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